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This is the ultimate guide to lien waivers for accountants, and it's essential reading for those the construction industry. Waivers are extremely common in the construction payment process, but that doesn't make them simple or understand or exchange. 

Whether you work in an office where you are requesting waivers and making payments, or one where you are signing waivers and receiving payments, you probably recognize this document and the important role it plays.  

Construction Accountant's Guide to Lien WaiversOur comprehensive guide breaks down everything you need to know:

  • What lien waivers are and how they impact your company's ability to get paid or reduce the risk of liens
  • How the role of lien waivers changes depending on the nature of the construction work your company does
  • How waivers act as a tool for transparency and communication in the payment process
  • Three mistakes accountants often make on waivers, and how to avoid them

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